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Anniversary of the Big Heart

In 2024, the Life in Motion Foundation celebrates its tenth anniversary. The founders of the foundation are psychiatrist Natalia Shaginyan-Needham and People’s Artist of Russia Yevgeny Mironov. In 2019, the foundation opened the first Children’s Prosthetics Center “I Want to Walk”, where today more than 400 children from 23 regions of Russia received prostheses, underwent rehabilitation and continue to receive assistance until the age of 21.

On ice and snow
We opened our anniversary year with several projects at once: in January, with the support of the GUM Rink, we held a charity “Magic Rink” with the participation of theater, cinema and sports stars on Red Square. They accompanied the wards, many of whom, on prosthetics, went on the ice for the first time.

At the same time, in Sochi, with the resource support of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort, the 5th season of the Snow Drive ski project started, in which children with prosthetics, under the guidance of members of the Paralympic national team, got on a snowboard and downhill skiing.

In April 2024, the social photo exhibition of the foundation “And YOU CAN” opened in GUM (20 motivating stories and photos of children with disabilities from different regions of Russia with the participation of legendary athletes, artists and patrons).

Run and walk
The history of our fundraising project “RUNNING FOR A DREAM – TO WALK”, which unites people of different professions, began with the Moscow Marathon. It is not the first year that entire teams from our partners have been gathering among the runners to help raise funds for the prosthetics of one of the wards. Last year, the Carlton Moscow Hotel presented the largest team. The general manager of one of the hotel complexes where we conducted the Snow Drive project personally participates in many sports projects of the foundation: runs marathons with us and does rock climbing. It is thanks to the initiative of top managers that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is developing in our partner companies.

And we dedicated our first race to a young athlete Sasha Gladkova, who, as a result of an unsuccessful jump into the water, faced a leg amputation. Thanks to prosthetics, the athlete returned to sports and professionally engaged in skiing in Khanty-Mansiysk. Last year, Sasha took part in competitions herself in order to help raise funds for prosthetics for Vika Zamataeva’s ward.

This year, the foundation’s wards with limb pathologies will take part in three marathons for the first time: Kazan, Moscow and the White Nights Marathon in St. Petersburg. They will run to help raise funds for prosthetics for three of the foundation’s wards.

Thanks to the Catherine Assembly, the main charity event in the Urals, which is held on the initiative of the Sverdlovsk Regional Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, our Foundation “Life in Motion” with the program “I Want to Walk” was twice selected among the beneficiaries. And this large-scale support brought incredible results: the funds raised were directed to prosthetics of limbs (2019, 37 children), as well as prosthetics and a social adaptation program (2023, 53 children from the Sverdlovsk region).

The path to the top
With the support of the Sinara Foundation and the SSPP, as part of social habilitation, children with limb pathologies, prostheses and cerebral palsy were engaged in rock climbing for the first time in our rock camp “Path to the Peaks”, which was awarded three prizes. Participants mastered snowboarding and downhill skiing in the Snow Drive project, and in December 2023, 11 wards with various pathologies took to the Volga Fashion Awards fashion podium. A photo exhibition of the wards of the Emotions through Photos Foundation was held in three cities.

As part of the Path to the Peaks project, the foundation and its wards conquered the highest mountains in the world – Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Ararat, and Everest base camp. In 2022, two wards from the Chechen Republic, Rahman Apaev with a prosthetic shin and Arbi Isaev with paired prosthetics of the shins, took part in an expedition to Elbrus. Rahman climbed to the top of Elbrus and even danced a lezginka there. Last year, in one summer, Pavel Trofimov, a ward of the foundation with amputation of both arms, ascended Elbrus and Ararat.

Employment opportunities
Recently, Stal Pro company became our partners, which employed one of the first wards of the Alexander Pokhilko Foundation with congenital pathologies of the upper and lower extremities in its company. The goal is to create a remote sales department using artificial intelligence technologies and employ wards with disabilities. Sasha is currently undergoing training in the basics of communications and negotiations, after which he plans to head the department and involve children with disabilities in its work.

Immediate goals
Children are growing up, and prosthetics for children is not a one–time help. As they grow up, weight changes, as well as during the operation of the prosthesis, children need to replace it and repair expensive components. Adaptive and social projects also require permanent support, both resource and financial.

Our goal for the coming years is to attract new partners in order to continue to provide assistance in prosthetics for children. We are planning expansion into new regions, and we are also considering the possibilities of developing an international vector of cooperation in the field of innovative technologies for prosthetics and rehabilitation of children.