Вы сейчас просматриваете Recently, the young band Alex Skizar recorded a new single at the studio in Dubai. Its leader Alex talks about himself and his work

Recently, the young band Alex Skizar recorded a new single at the studio in Dubai. Its leader Alex talks about himself and his work

After a long rethink of retro trends, the music world collapsed in search of new concepts and leaders. Big changes in the world have created a huge demand for fresh contextual expression in listeners’ playlists.

The Alex Skizar band is a serious claim to the near musical future. Without going far from flirting with the pop aesthetics familiar to the ear, he boldly integrates sophisticated riffs that are designed to instill indestructible optimism in active and successful people who do not wait for a better tomorrow, but create it themselves, even if this requires making the eternal desert a blooming garden.

From the first notes, the listener finds himself moving towards the goal, above the turbulent flow of disturbing news. This goes against a large outburst of openly dull albums from many long-known trendsetters who are used to operating with outdated blanks. But time takes its toll, mercilessly destroying the familiar, and brings to the peak of popularity what is so lacking right now.

Alex Blinov, the band’s leader, vocalist, is a successful and sought–after artist from the beauty industry. His salon has long been a favorite place of stars from all over the world.

But Alex’s true passion and source of inspiration has always been music. Being the eldest child in a large musical family, he joined the conducting department, and after a long time worked in the opera.

In 2008, Alex met composer and arranger Eli Litvinovich, with whom he is still working on new tracks in Dubai. The characteristic choice of percussion and synthesizer sounds is clearly read both in early collaborations and in new compositions, expressing the general positive message of the entire project, as well as the life principles and outlook on the world of the musicians themselves.

Two years ago, Alex gathered musicians for live work on stage, and after a few rehearsals, the first run-in of a new musical vision took place in public at the club. Then there was a series of bright performances at the venues, which caused heated discussions among the public and a torrential rain of stories from the event site.

The show looked really impressive. By choosing an evening with Alex Skizar, the audience not only broke out of the cycle of worries, but found themselves in a world where everything is possible, where everything works out, where the desire to live creates beauty. You can evaluate the spirit of the event in concert videos. The atmosphere that always accompanies Alex wherever he finds himself is harmoniously expressed in the songs that can be heard on all popular streaming platforms.