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The mission: ice and hockey always and everywhere

Family dynasties in sports are quite common. Continuing the hockey theme in the refraction of the production business within the sports industry, we present the project of the son of Olympic champion, vice President of the KHL Vitaly Prokhorov – Vasily. Vasily Prokhorov is an entrepreneur, founder, co–owner and CEO of BeLikePro.

BeLikePro hockey training centers have made a significant contribution to the popularization of hockey in Russia among ordinary people without a hockey past. The centers are visited by KHL and NHL players, and coaches of the highest level conduct their training in them. In addition to the network of hockey training centers, BeLikePro is one of the largest manufacturers of hockey equipment in Russia – on–board systems, plastic ice, refrigeration, drying and ventilation equipment for creating a microclimate of open and closed ice arenas.

The company manufactures and installs outdoor sports fields, as well as equips them. We are talking about two areas of BeLikePro’s activity: synthetic ice playgrounds and home throwing zones for hockey players.

Easy Ice
In recent years, all-season rinks made of synthetic ice of the new generation Easy Ice have become particularly popular in regions with a hot climate. It is created from innovative German pellets, which allows it to withstand any weather conditions. So, in the hot countries of the Persian Gulf, synthetic ice has already begun to be introduced into shopping malls, hotels, amusement parks, city squares and even beaches. Ice pads can be found today on the ocean and surrounded by palm trees in the desert.

The uniqueness of synthetic ice lies in the possibility of its installation in absolutely any place. At the same time, such a platform is operated at zero energy and water costs, while providing a complete simulation of sliding on perfectly smooth natural ice. Synthetic ice allows you to skate all year round, regardless of the weather and climate. You can also ride in summer clothes – it will not be cold in it, and in case of a fall, the clothes will remain dry. Moreover, Easy Ice ice is made using a material that absorbs shock much better than natural ice, which makes it less traumatic.

5 Reasons to Install a Synthetic Ice Rink for Business

  1. A new type of entertainment for visitors to shopping malls, hotels, cottage settlements and amusement parks
  2. Allows the use of vacant and non-rental areas
  3. It does not require electricity and water costs, since the cost of maintaining Easy Ice rinks is minimal
  4. Offers additional advertising surfaces
  5. It is a magnet for attracting new customers

Hockey at home
In countries where hockey is still just beginning to develop, it is very important to create a culture of home training. Its key element is the home hockey throwing zones “Hockey at home”. This direction arose after numerous requests from clients of BeLikePro training centers to create small hockey zones for the opportunity to practice individual hockey skills at home.

The home throwing zone is a built-in or freestanding structure made of plastic ice, gates, sides and nets. It allows you to improve your hand technique, throws, puck driving, dribbling and passing without leaving home. The presence of a flat floor is the only condition necessary to install such a throwing zone indoors or outdoors. A garage, an attic, a basement, a veranda, a terrace or a playground in the yard are quite suitable for this.

Thus, hockey skills can be practiced everywhere and at all times, which is especially important for those who live far from the ice fields. Regardless of age and skill level, a hockey player needs the opportunity to train additionally and practice the most important hockey skills at home. Moreover, you can do this at any time of the year and under any weather conditions. Just like every musician should have his own instrument: a guitarist has a guitar, and a pianist has a piano, every hockey player should have his own home throwing zone!